Click on a state below to see a list of cities and counties for that state:

Alabama   Alaska   Arizona   Arkansas   California   Colorado   Connecticut   Delaware   Florida
Georgia   Hawaii   Idaho   Illinois   Indiana   Iowa   Kansas   Kentucky   Louisiana   Maine   Maryland
Massachusetts   Michigan   Minnesota   Mississippi   Missouri   Montana   Nebraska   Nevada
New Hampshire   New Jersey   New Mexico   New York   North Carolina   North Dakota   Ohio
Oklahoma   Oregon   Pennsylvania   Rhode Island   South Carolina   South Dakota   Tennessee   Texas
Utah   Vermont   Virginia   Washington   Washington DC   West Virginia   Wisconsin   Wyoming


The lists show the main cities and all counties per state. They have been prepared using various sources. They are mainly aimed at webmasters who are looking for simple lists to copy and use in their code. These lists are ideal for using in forms where you want the visitor to select their city and county from a drop-down select list. If you view the source on the list pages you can see the option tags which you can copy to paste directly into your code.

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